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Car License Plate Detection Using Veda
M.Bhargavi 1 , Sajja.Radharani 2
  • Dept of CSE, VFSTR, Guntur, India.
  • Dept of CSE, VFSTR, Guntur, India.
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Section:Research Paper, Product Type: Isroset-Journal
Vol.5 , Issue.6 , pp.19-26, Dec-2017


Online published on Dec 31, 2017
Copyright © M.Bhargavi, Sajja.Radharani . This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.
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Citation :
IEEE Style Citation: M.Bhargavi, Sajja.Radharani, “Car License Plate Detection Using Veda”, International Journal of Scientific Research in Computer Science and Engineering, Vol.5, Issue.6, pp.19-26, 2017.

MLA Style Citation: M.Bhargavi, Sajja.Radharani "Car License Plate Detection Using Veda." International Journal of Scientific Research in Computer Science and Engineering 5.6 (2017): 19-26.

APA Style Citation: M.Bhargavi, Sajja.Radharani, (2017). Car License Plate Detection Using Veda. International Journal of Scientific Research in Computer Science and Engineering, 5(6), 19-26.
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Abstract :
The VEDA is one of the emerging techniques in the field of Image Processing.Car-license-plate detection (CLPD) comprises of two main steps. The first step comprises of converting a color image into grayscale values, which raises the speed of the CLPD method. Then input to Adaptive threshold (AT) to segment the image and binarised it, then apply unwanted-line elimination algorithm (ULEA) to remove unwanted lines thus enhance the image, then VEDA is applied. The second part comprises of CLPD method which processes low resolution images taken by a web camera. Now the VEDA detects the vertical edges,the desired plate details based on color information are highlighted. Now,performing statistical and logical operations the candidate region will be extracted. Finally,the license plate (LP) is detected.
Key-Words / Index Term :
Car-License Plate Detection(CLPD),Vertical Edge Detection Algorithm(VEDA), Unwanted-Line Elimination Algorithm(ULEA),AdaptiveThresholding(AT),LicensePlate(LP)
References :
[1] S. N. Huda, K. Marzuki, Y. Rubiyah, and O. Khairuddin, “Comparison of feature extractors in license plate recognition,” in Proc. 1st IEEE AMS, Phuket, Thailand, 2007, pp. 502–506.
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