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Customer Behaviour Analysis using Web Usage Mining
Sonia Sharma1 , Munishwar Rai2
  • Hindu Girls College, Jagadhri ,Haryana, India.
  • MMICT,MMU,Mullana,Haryana, India.
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Section:Research Paper, Product Type: Isroset-Journal
Vol.5 , Issue.6 , pp.47-50, Dec-2017


Online published on Dec 31, 2017
Copyright © Sonia Sharma, Munishwar Rai . This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.
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Citation :
IEEE Style Citation: Sonia Sharma, Munishwar Rai, “Customer Behaviour Analysis using Web Usage Mining”, International Journal of Scientific Research in Computer Science and Engineering, Vol.5, Issue.6, pp.47-50, 2017.

MLA Style Citation: Sonia Sharma, Munishwar Rai "Customer Behaviour Analysis using Web Usage Mining." International Journal of Scientific Research in Computer Science and Engineering 5.6 (2017): 47-50.

APA Style Citation: Sonia Sharma, Munishwar Rai, (2017). Customer Behaviour Analysis using Web Usage Mining. International Journal of Scientific Research in Computer Science and Engineering, 5(6), 47-50.
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Abstract :
This paper attempts to determine the veiled information and identifying user behavior on the web by using the web data sources. With the help of this information, Prediction of user behavior can be done very easily. The user pattern is analyzed by applying the free tool similar web and page score on the website of the particular organization. This tool tries to conduct web mining in a domain independent manner. The experimental results provide an easier way to navigate the website and improve the website design architecture. This work deliberates the detailed results of a website in a specific education domain application. The main objective of conducting the study on websites of the different universities is to discern the pattern of behavioural expressions and user characteristics so that the organization can improve the structure of website and can upload the more information in a proper way.
Key-Words / Index Term :
Web usage mining, Consumer Behaviour, Pattern
References :
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