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Volume-4 , Issue-4 , Aug 2017, ISSN 2455-3174 (Online)
Thermoacoustic Study of Electrolytic Solutions of Aloe Vera Juice at 303.15k
M.S. Chouhan, R.S. Chouhan, B.R. Patil, K. Modi, B.D. Shrivastava, S.Patil
Research Paper | Isroset-Journal
Vol.4 , Issue.4 , pp.1-4, Aug-2017
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A Special Category of Electrolyte Prepared By Complexation of Zinc With Conducting Poly Aniline
Anubha Vijay Pandya
Research Paper | Isroset-Journal
Vol.4 , Issue.4 , pp.5-7, Aug-2017
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Synthesis and effect of 7-{4-[ 2- Chloro- 4-N,N-di (2-hydroxyethyl) amino] phenylazo} phenyl- 6-oxo-2-methyl-4-(4-methoxy- 3-methylphenyl)- oxazolo [ 5,4-b ] pyridine On Polyester Fiber
Anita Abhishek Singh Gour
Research Paper | Isroset-Journal
Vol.4 , Issue.4 , pp.8-11, Aug-2017
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