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  1. What is ISROSET?
    Simply put I.S.R.O.S.E.T stands for International Scientific Research Organization for Science, Engineering and Technology.

  2.  Why ISROSET?
    ISROSET ensures timely publication of your academic work using a Friendly Online System. Accepted papers are immediately published online.
    ISROSET also ensures high availability and high visibility, unlimited and free accessibility of the publication over the internet without restrictions. Open Access publications are more frequently cited due to their high availability and publicity.

  3. What is the frequency of publication?
    We publish 12/6/4 Iissues per year

  4. What is open access?
    All articles published in International Scientific Research Organization for Science, Engineering and Technology (ISROSET) are open access, which means they are freely and universally accessible online and permanently archived in an internationally recognized open access repository.

  5. Are ISROSET published articles available for free?
    Yes, all the papers published by ISROSET Journals are available for download for free. We are here to support the Open Access Publication policy.

  6. What is the limit on the number of authors for the original research article?
    There is no limit on the number of authors for the manuscripts.

  7. What is the limit on the number of pages for original research article?
    No article should be exceed more than 10 pages unless necessary.

  8. How many figures and tables may I include?
    Original research articles should have no more than 5 figures and tables.

  9. May I send you my manuscript in my native language?
    We accept only English.

  10. How do I submit an article to ISROSET?
    There are many ways to submit articles, on line submit, via email.

  11. My paper has not been accepted. What do I do now?
    Papers not accepted on the first review round are send back to authors either for major revisions or subject to complete reject. In case a paper is not accepted (major revision required), we highly recommend authors to revise and implement the reviewers recommendations and re-submit. Each submitted paper has a maximum of 5 review rounds.

  12. I have submitted my revised paper. What next?
    Revised papers are sent to the reviewers concerned to ensure continued evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of the papers. Authors are informed about the publication decision once we receive the reviewer’s feedback and recommendations.

  13. My paper has been accepted, how do I register it?
    Information about paper registration will be provided to you through the registration form once your paper will be accepted for publication.

  14. My paper has been published, but I cannot find it on the Web.
    All published papers are normally indexed within 4-6 weeks from the date of publication and thereafter should normally be visible on the Web within 6-8 days.

  15. How to advertise on ISROSET website?
    Choose where you want to advertise and tell us! For information about advertisement on ISROSET website, see Conference Support & Advertisement and please send an email to

  16. Where can I find Copyrights Transfer Form? 
    ISROSET Copyrights Transfer form is available in the Downloads column of ISROSET Journals Menu. If your paper is selected, download the Copyright Form, fill it and sign the form and send it with the final version of paper. 

  17. When does a paper count as published?
    Appearance in Advance Access constitutes publication and establishes publication precedence. The official publication date appears beneath the title of each article just before its Digital Object Identifier (DOI).

  18. What is a 'DOI'?
    A 'Digital Object Identifier' is an automatically generated unique identifier for intellectual property in the digital environment ('10.1093/molbev/msg085' is an example of a DOI). The DOI is attached to the item once it is accepted for publication and remains the same even if different versions of recognizably the same item appear successively. It appears on every version of the manuscript, including the final versions in print and online, and reprints. DOIs facilitate online searches for particular papers.

  19. How do I cite papers that appear in Advance Access?
    Papers published in Advance Access are citeable using the DOI and publication date. An example of an Advance Access citation is given below:
    Manish M and Ashish. M ”Security issues and challenges in WMN”,IEEE Communication  March 5, 2003, doi:10.1093/molbev/msg013

  20. How can I organize a workshop in conjunction with the conference?
    ->Prospective workshop organizer should contact ISROSET to receive the approval for workshop session ->If workshop proposal is approved by ISROSET, the workshop organizer should provide the title, topics, program committee members of the workshop

  21. How can I organize a special session in conjunction with the conference?
    ->Prospective special session organizer should contact ISROSET to receive the approval for workshop session
    ->If special session proposal is approved by ISROSET, the special session organizer should provide the title, topics, program committee members of the special session

  22. Where can I submit my paper for conference & journal publication?
    -Prospective authors should submit their full papers, for conference & Journal publication by Easychair Submission System or by Email. The receipt of paper submission will be confirmed via e-mail within three work days. In case you have not received any confirmation for the receipt of paper, please contact us urgently.

  23. Where can I find instructions for paper composition?
    The Template Instruction and Template can be found in the Submission Page at each conference website.

  24. What is the criteria of selection of conference papers for journal publication?
    -High impact conference papers are selected for journal publication after the conference
    -Authors can follow up their papers published in relevant journals.

  25. Where are the conference proceedings/journal articles indexed in?
    All accepted papers will also be published in the conference proceeding by famous publishers,  such as ISROSET Digital liabrary, IEEE, World Scientific Press, which will be Indexed by some specific indexing services, such as Science & Technology Digital Library, Ei Compendex, Thomson ISI and INSPEC.

  26. What kind of technical equipment is provided for paper presentation at the conference?
    -Laptop Computer
    -LCD Data Projector
    -USB Flash Drive - Memory
    -CD/DVD-ROM Drive
    -PowerPoint Presentation Remote with Laser Pointer
    -PowerPoint Presentation/ Acrobat Reader Software

  27. How can I get an official letter of invitation for the conference attendance?
    -ISROSET Invitation letter is provided on request by authors or other participants.
    -ISROSET Official letter of invitation will be provided as a soft copy via e-mail posting, and will make reasonable effort to help authors to get the VISA.
    -Visa process generally takes a month, and the authors should take care of their own applications. ISROSET won't guarantee the potential authors can obtain the VISA, and won't refund the registration fee after the deadline.

  28. What does the conference registration fees includes?
    a- Author Registration:
    The author conference registration fees include Paper Presentation, Proceedings Volume Part (where your paper is published), Proceedings CD, Attendance to all Sessions, Conference Program, Name Tag, Certificate of Presentation and Small Handbag.
    As per the conference program, the Working Lunches and Coffee Breaks are offered by ISROSET as free of charge.
    b- Listener Registration:
    The listener conference registration fees include Proceedings CD, Attendance to all Sessions, Conference Program, Name Tag, Certificate of Attendance and Small Handbag.
    As per the conference program, the Working Lunches and Coffee Breaks are offered by ISROSET as free of charge. 

  29. When can I get the receipt of conference registration fees?
    -The receipt for conference registration is issued at the conference registration desk.

  30. What is the length of Oral Paper Presentation?
    -Each Technical Presentation is 10-15 Minutes including Discussions.

  31. Is there a Poster Paper Presentation Session?
    -Yes, the Poster Papers are included in the Poster Presentation Sessions and Conference Proceedings

  32. Should I stay at the conference hotel?
    -No. You need not to stay at the conference hotel
    -For proper /or cheaper accommodation options, you are free to search hotel booking websites.

  33. Do you arrange accommodation and traveling services for the conference participants?
    No, the conference participants should arrange their own accommodation and traveling service
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