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       International Journal of Scientific Research in Mathematical & Statistical Sciences (IJSRMSS) is an open access, scholarly, peer reviewed, interdisciplinary & fully refereed scientific journal for scientists, engineers, research scholars, students & academicians involved in all aspects of mathematical & statistical sciences & its applications to publish high quality & refereed papers. Papers reporting original research & innovative applications from all parts of the world are welcome. Papers for publication in the IJSRMSS are selected through rigid peer review to ensure originality, timeliness, relevance & readability. While it emphasizes publication of previously unpublished materials, selected conference papers with exceptional merit that require wider exposure are, at the discretion of the editors, also published provided they meet the journal's peer review standard.
       It is the vision of IJSRMSS to publish research papers & articles in all areas of human study without financial restriction. The journal also aims to publish peer reviewed research & review articles in rapidly developing & to cover the latest outstanding developments in the field of mathematical & statistical sciences & many more.

Mathematics: Algebra & Applications, Algebraic Topology, Applied Harmonic Analysis, Applied Mathematics, Approximation Theory, Asymptotic Methods, Automata Theory , Bifurcation Theory, Business Mathematics, Calculus of Variations , Category Theory, Coding Theory , Combinatorial Mathematics , Complex Analysis, Computational Mathematics, Control Theory , Convex Analysis, Cryptology, Geometry, Difference & Functional Equations, Differential Equations, Discrete Mathematics, Dynamical Systems & Ergodic Theory , Field Theory & Polynomials, Financial Mathematic, Fixed-Point Theory & Applications, Fluid Mechanics & Solid Mechanics, Fourier Analysis, Fractals, Functional Analysis, Functional Differential Equations, Functions of a Complex Variable, Fuzzy Mathematics, Game Theory, General Algebraic Systems, Generalizations, Geometry of Banach Spaces, Graph Theory, Homological Algebra, Image Processing, Including Population Dynamics, Information Fusion, Integral Equations, Lattices, Algebraic Structures, Linear & Multi-Linear Algebra, Mathematical Biology, Mathematical Biology, Mathematical Economics, Mathematical Physics, Matrix Theory, Measure Theory & Integration , Moment Theory, Natural Sciences, Neutrosophic Mathematics, Number Theory, Numerical Analysis, Operational Research & Cybernetics, Operations Research & Optimization, Operator Theory, Optimal Control, Ordinary & Partial Differential Equations, Physical Mathematics, Potential Theory, Probability & Statistics, Reaction-Diffusion Problems, Real Functions, Rings & Algebras, Scattering Theory, Semigroups of Operators, Signal Processing, Signal Theory, Solid Mechanics, Special Functions, Statistical Mechanics, Stochastic Process, Structure of Matter , Tomography, Topological Groups, Topology & Application, Transport Theory, Ultrametric Analysis & Applications, Variational Methods, Wave Propagation, Wavelets & Wavelet Transforms & Many More.

Statistics: Advances Statistics, Applications In Statistics, Applied Probability, Analytical or Algorithmic Optimization, Applied Probability, Bayesian Inference, Bayesian Statistics, Biostatistics, Computational Statistics, Curve Estimation, Data Analysis Statistic Tool, Data Mining, Decision Analysis, Design of Experiments, Ecological Statistics, Environmental Statistics, Foundations Of Statistical Inference, Game & Auction Theory, Graphical Statistics, Inventory & Scheduling Problems, Management Systems, Mathematical Statistics, Modern Applied Statistical Methods, Network Theory, Nonparametric Method, Nonparametric Statistics, Official Statistics, Operations Research, Optimization, Parameter Estimation, Population & Social Statistics, Portfolio Analysis, Probability & Its Applications, Psychometrics, Quality & Process Control, Regression & Variance Analysis, Reliability, Research, Development & Innovation Statistics, Sampling, Sequential Analysis, Statistical Data Analysis, Statistical Learning, Statistical Modeling, Stochastic Models In Finance, Stochastic Processes & Their Applications, Survival Analysis, Testing Hypotheses, Time Series & Statistical Problems for Stochastic Processes & Many More.
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